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Kraftklub — Wie Ich

Directed by Christian Alsan & Carlo Oppermann

Fever The Ghost — SOURCE

Directed by Felix Colgrave

Willow — Sweater

Directed by Filip Sterckx

The Beards — Got Me a Beard

Written and directed by Tom Bettany, Michael Bidstrup, Joshua Fielder, Joel McMillan and Chris Edser

Stuck In The Sound — Let’s Go

Directed by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin

Ramona Falls — Russia

Directed by Cullen Hoback

OK Go — This Too Shall Pass

Directed by OK Go, James Frost, Syyn Labs

OK Go — End Love

Directed by OK Go, Eric Gunther, Jeff Lieberman

MonkeyManMachine — Let the Rhythm move ya

Directed by Djawid Hakimyar • Mondmann Music

Holy Fuck — Red Lights

Directed by Brian Borcherdt & Michael LeBlanc